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Housework – Group Sex –

From the page: "She vaguely heard the guys murmuring to each other, then felt her body being gently lifted, then placed on the couch. Her mind told her that she had to stop. She couldn't do this to Jerry. The girl on the TV screen thrashed about as Ed's huge cock slammed into her tiny pussy repeatedly. Andie's hips writhed in silent invitation as she felt someone crawl between her widespread legs. Her apprehension was short lived as she felt the head of a very thick penis slide between her engorged labia and begin to tunnel its way into her quivering pussy. Andie's eyes opened and grew large as the thick organ continued its way inside her. Greg whispered into her ear for her to relax as he steadily drove his cock into the redhead. The girl on the TV twitched as Ed's cock withdrew from her, his cum leaking out of her pussy and trickling down to her ass. The redhead panted heavily under the man as his cock finally filled her to the hilt."

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